Sunday, January 31, 2010

A new era

Este fim-de-semana andei a pensar em coisas que eu penso que me fariam feliz este ano...passar mais tempo junto ao mar, ler mais livros, aprender coisas novas e fazer mais tricot :)

This weekend I was thinking of things that would make me happy this year...spend more time by the sea, read more books, learn new things and do more knitting :)


Margie said...

Hi Ana, beautiful photos of James visiting his Portuguese family. He has grown so much. Sorry I have not been to visit yet. I miss you. I love your plans for the new year. See you soon. Love Margie.

Ravenhill said...

Those are such beautiful ways to spend time and I they are high up on my list too of ways I wish to use my time too. You have such lovely fabrics to work with and your knitting looks so wonderful.

Lulu said...

i love the beach also..
you knitting looks pretty. what are you making?

Ana Salomé said...

Hi Lulu :)
I'm kniting a cardigan for baby James to wear in a few months...I'm learning the top-down technique :)